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Amazon Affiliate Website - Case Study (Site Code: BJ)

Israel Gaudette
November 16, 2020

Because everyone likes case studies… I’ve decided to share with you my adventure on a new Amazon affiliate website that I just purchased a few weeks ago. If you want to know why Amazon, then read this.

Every month, I will write a summary of what I did, including the summary of expenses and earnings.

Let's start.

Month #1 - November 2020

Okay, so I purchased the website on the 23rd October 2020 for the price of 10KUSD. Here’s the proof of the whois including the updated whois info (date of delivery) and the escrow transaction (transaction created on

Domain Whois

The site have already ~180 posts and it makes ~$100/month.

BJ Amazon Earnings History

What I did this month:

  • I’ve cloned the website to my staging server and started the development of the new design.
  • Bought a new logo.
  • Bought for 1850$ in new links (guest posts & niche edits).

Update November 16th:

Because I placed the links order the same day I did the escrow transaction, I already started to see great improvements on the site’s ranking & traffic.

SEMrush traffic

Traffic moved from 956 to 2290. A 140% increase.

Clicky traffic

The real traffic jumped from ~80 to ~160 daily visitors. A 100% increase.

I will publish an update on the first week of December, for the November numbers. Stay tuned!

Month #1 - Final Update (2 December)

Okay so November has been fully completed now and I just published the new website design/layout 1 week ago. So here is what the new website has differently:

  • New design and logo
  • New website built on Oxygen builder for better performance
  • Layout optimized for conversion (Fixed sidebar widget, CTA boxes, Popups etc..)
  • New Amazon regions added (CA,UK) using Genius Link
  • Amazon Mobile Popover activated (great to convert mobile users)

Traffic Summary

Concerning the traffic, the site has steady ~150 daily visitors now. SEMrush also continue to show a nice uptrend.

BJ Traffic Summary for November

Got 4127 visitors in November. The site has actually ~150 daily visitors.

SEMrush Summary of November traffic

SEMrush still showing an uptrend, moving from 2.3K to 3.2K according to the last update.

Earnings Summary

Okay regarding the earnings, the site has made in November:

  • US: $185.29
  • CA: 0.00$
  • UK: £0.00

Of course, the site didn’t made any money for Canada and UK because the international traffic has just been activated this week.

Amazon Earnings for November

The site has made $180.29 in November, an increase of ~$80 compared to October.

Month #2 - December 2020

Okay, so the plan initially was to finish the new website design and starting to work on the content expansion of all the articles. However, I did 2 big acquisitions lately and all my writers are busy so the time I find new writers, I will simply focus on building new links for this month.

This week, I’ve put in queue 17 niche edit links, they are targeting a total of 8 different targets, all target URLs have currently many keywords sitting on the position 3-15.

Note: Always keep this in mind, as an affiliate, your main goal is to increase your earnings the fastest as possible, so always try to focus on ranking your pages that you already rank good for, and scale later with other pages.

Check your top pages in Ahrefs and target the pages where you have a good amount of ranked keywords in top15 positions. If you don’t have any because your site is too new, then target your pages with a higher ranking.

Final Update (March 2020)

3 months have passed after my last update in December... The reason why I was silent is because this project is DEAD lol! The December update completely destroyed it!

I've waited to post an update here because I was trying a few things to recover but nothing has worked. I know the reason though... The problem is that this site has only commercial pages and this algorithm update killed affiliate sites with high commercial intents.

The only way to recover this site is to add A LOT of informative content... But the niche makes it really hard to achieve as the site is about a single product.

All articles are like "best PRODUCT for X" and I have like 80 posts like this. So I simply decided to give up and limit my losses here. I will still keep the project in my inventory, I plan to use it for testing purposes.

If you are interested to see what it looks like, here is the actual traffic chart in SEMrush;

BJ Site Traffic after being hit by December update

Despite the massive traffic drop, the site is still making ~$150/month, almost in the same state as when I've purchased it.

If ever, it recover, I will restart the case studies but for now, you can expect it will be the latest update made on this project! Sorry.

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