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Do Scraper Sites Affect Your Ranking?

Israel Gaudette
July 14, 2020

According to Google, they definitely not!

Why we should care about those sites? Google said many times that they were capable to detect them and just ignoring them… Here’s the proof.

Google Saying Bullshit

Google trying to bullshit saying to a user that he doesn't have to worry as Google ignores the links coming from scraper sites. The user responded, "I disavowed 15 scraper sites and traffic went back to normal" lol!

Google Saying Bullshit (Again)

Google says to another user that he should not worry as "Google is pretty good to ignore spam links" lol.

So why we should worry about scraper sites or any spamming links? No need… Google is backing our ass.


Scraper Sites Are Dangerous

The reality is that the scraper links hurt, and they can make a lot of damage! Google doesn’t stop to say everywhere that they come better at ignoring spammy links.. but the truth is that, their technology is not that good!

May Core Update is the proof… I never disavowed any links until… The May Core update.

This recent core algo update is a correction of their algorithm.. probably that the precedent algorithm was too easy to cheat (If Google ignores all spams links and just let pass the good one… It would be easy to just spam all our sites and wait to see them ranking since Google will just take the “good links” nope?).

Well, at least, it’s my theory. I believe that they stopped ignoring links and adjusted their algorithm… but again, it’s a big fail. Spam links never been so damageable!

This morning, I was doing my detox routine (Yep… Now I do a detox of all my sites, every month, and disavow all spam/bad links) and see a drop in ranking on one of my pages… Been pretty surprised because I remember didn’t have built any links to this specific page for a long time… No algorithm update so why that drop?

I checked the URL in Ahrefs and to my big surprise. A lot of scraper site backlinks have been detected… in the same period of the ranking drop… Coincidence? haha nope!

Look at that:

Bunch of scraper sites backlinks

Scraper sites backlinks started to be detected on 6th June, in same period as my traffic dropped!

Now… Do you still believe that you are safe and that Google back your ass? Haha… Don’t be a fool and back your own ass!

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