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Find Niches Using Reverse Engineering

As an affiliate marketer, the biggest challenge is to find a niche that is not too much competition and that can drive some interesting incomes.

Of course, you can search on Ahrefs or SEMrush for keywords ideas… But it’s a tedious task and you will be out of inspiration pretty quickly!

The best way to find a potential niche is via reverse engineering!

Finding a Niche via Reverse Engineering

Many peoples don’t know but when you are hosted on a shared hosting environment, your websites can be seen by anyone! Yes, you read it right… Your niche could be leaked by potential competitors!

It’s super easy to see the list of the websites that are hosted on the same server using a reverse DNS tool like Hacker Target

You just have to pass the DNS zone of any affiliate website and you could get the entire list of other affiliate sites as well. Let’s take in the example of the popular web host WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting is the most recommended hosting company by affiliate marketers… So it is highly probable that we will find a lot of affiliate websites hosted there! (Yep… It’s the case!)

So let take the first customers-reserved DNS entry for WPX Hosting;

It is Let do a reverse lookup and see what it return. (I will parse only the 20 first sites out of 500 discovered sites.

Easily I can say that almost half this list are affiliate websites!

Using this simple trick, you can create a massive list of sites, then paste it in Ahrefs and filtering it by traffic and DR. Once done, you have a list of sites with good traffic and low DR that you can work with, to find a potential niche for your next project!

The Bottom Line

Never host your affiliate websites in a shared hosting environment… You put your affiliate business at risk… A simple DigitalOcean droplet costs only 5$/month and will give you better performance than most the shared web hosts so why taking this risk?

I know, probably a lot of peoples that are hosted there will be upset that I disclose this trick putting their websites upfront of thousands of eyes… But believe me, I’m probably not the only guy that knows what a reverse DNS lookup can do… So it’s better that you learn it now and can act immediately to protect your assets.

My recommendation is to use a VPS (I like DO for this!) and host only 1 website per VPS. That way, you can protect your portfolio. An alternative could be to use a proxy DNS service like Cloudflare but I’ve heard it’s not 100% secure… It’s up to you.