Guest Post

Everyone knows that guest posts are one of the safest and cost efficient way to rank your website. With our unique filtering method, you will only get the highest quality, most relevant sites when you place your order with us. 

Choose your weapon

Part of what makes our links better is that I have developed a unique metric I call Traffic Authority or “TA”. Since all of the sites in our database are real sites, getting traffic, it measures how powerful a domain based on how much traffic it gets compared to how many keywords it tries to rank for.

This is how I have building links for the past couple of years and have gotten terrific results. Since this metric isn’t know by most webmasters, it allows us to find very valuable links for a cheaper price and pass along the savings to you.

However since not everyone is familiar with this metric, you can also purchase links by using the common DR metric.

TA 25+

Guest posts with TA 25+ are the type of links that are perfect for pointing to supporting pages or directly to the homepages of sites. Great value.

TA 100+

Guest posts of TA 100+ are the type of links that are great for pointing directly at homepages to boost authority or right to money pages.

TA 200+

Guest posts of TA 200+ are the type of links from sites that Google really loves that are awesome for more competitive niches pointing directly at homepages to boost authority or right to money pages.

How To Order

Step 1: Choose Your Target URLs / Anchors / Niche /

Once you send us your order, select your target URLS, anchor text and niche of your website. We have a large list of very relevant sites to choose from.

Step 2: Outreach

After your order is sent, our outreach team will begin researching websites that will best suit your site and outreach to those webmasters. Once that is done, our writing team will come up an article that will give you the best SEO boost while still being valuable to the website owner.

Step 3: Relax

Once your order is sent, all you have to do is wait 7 to 21 days for your links to be fulfilled. For larger orders it might take more time, as we try to drip out the links as naturally as possible.

Why Buy Guest Posts From Us?

Guest posting is one of the safest ways to build links to your website and rank higher in Google. I have personally used many guest post providers and have always felt underwhelmed. I can’t tell you how many guest posts I have purchased and how much money I have spent on links that didn’t move the needle. That is why I decided to spend tens of thousands of dollars on building an automated system for outreach and filtering.

The website that I have in my database are sites that have passed my rigorous filtering process and that Google loves. These are sites that have real traffic and authority that I use on my own sites.

We are constantly adding and removing sites from our database to ensure that we have the best website to choose from.

What our clients say

3X TA100 links to one target URL.

Philipp Stauble

"We are business partners for some time now and for this reason I pretty much know how extensive Israel's SEO-Skills, especially with Link-Building are. There wasn't a single doubt in my mind that I have to try his Link-Building-Service and what can I say? Those are the most powerful links that I have bought, ever, period. Thank you very much."

2X TA25 links to one target URL.

Chris Romero

"Israel's link inventory is some of the most well curated and powerful links I have come across. His depth of knowledge comes through in his selection of placements that seem to have super powers. Happy to have IG on my side."

3X TA100 links to one target URL.

Pino Catalano

"Not having used a guest post service before I was slightly hesitant! Using the traffic authority metric that Israel speaks about it was clear that he knew what he was talking about. I snatched the feature snippet within a week and moved up several positions in the serps to grab first place. Happy customer, yes!"

5X TA100 links to one target URL.

Ivan Juras

"Everything's just great with Israel's service. The links you get are amazing, and the content is above average. Heck, I even read some of the guest posts that had my links in them. I'd recommend his services to everyone looking for a reliable vendor. The links are not too expensive, and from my own experience, they move the needle - I mean, they really move the needle."