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How to Gauge the Link Juice of Any Site?

How to gauge the link juice of a specific site? Is it really possible? Well, We cannot determine exactly how much link juice a website has but with simple logistics, it’s possible to have a good idea of the power of a website. Let me explain.

The Logic Explained

Let’s say that we have 3 different websites:

Site 1:

Traffic: 10K
Keywords ranked: 5K

Site 2:

Traffic: 20K
Keywords ranked: 20K

Site 3:

Traffic: 30K
Keywords ranked: 50K

If you had to answer this question “Which site listed above drives the most link juice?“, What would be your answer?

Many people would answer Site 3 because it has a lot more traffic, but what If I told you that, this site is the weakest on the list?


Let me explain… To determine how much a website has link juice, you have to measure the ratio of Traffic vs Ranked keywords. Let’s calculate, for this, we will use the TA formulaOrganic Traffic / Organic Keywords.

Site 1:

10 000 / 5 000 = 2

Site 2:

20 000 / 20 000 = 1

Site 3:

30 000 / 50 000 = 0.6

* The higher the number is, the higher authority the site has.

Now let me explain to you the logic behind this formula, the most noob-friendly I can.

Let’s start with the traffic… The higher the traffic is estimated, the more the site ranks for its keywords, right? Otherwise, if the keywords are not well-ranked, then, the traffic will be low right?

Good! So from a logical perspective… if you take 2 sites that have exactly 10K estimated traffic, but one has 5K ranked keywords and the other has only 1000, it’s logical that the site with only 1K keywords has more authority (his ranking is higher) that’s why he has the same amount of traffic than the other site.

The higher a site rank for its keywords, the higher authority the site has right? It’s simple like that!

How Accurate Traffic Authority is?

Well, since Google removed the PageRank metric, there is absolutely no way for us to measure the strength of a domain, it’s why I’ve created this metric to help me figure out which sites are worth buying links and which sites are not.

Using this method, I have reduced my budget by almost 50% and started to rank better than I ever did… Using a simple formula.

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated, SEO is pretty simple when you understand how it works and it’s why I never overthink when working on a project.

Now, does this formula is 100% accurate? The simple answer is no… The reason is that you could compare a site that ranks for pretty competitive keywords vs another site that ranks for only easy keywords.. at first view, the site that ranks for easy keywords could have more authority, even if it’s not really the case.

However, this metric has not been created to compare site authority… but to avoid spending money on backlinks that will not drive much link juice.

How to Rank Faster Using TA?

TA can really help you to reduce your costs and help you to rank faster because it will guarantee you at least to build links only on healthy sites, that have link juice (The more link juice a site has, the more powerful your backlink will be).

I have posted an article explaining how to build links efficiently using Traffic Authority as the main metric… I can guarantee you that if you use this strategy, you will see amazing results!

Seriously… just stop wasting your money on buying high DR backlinks… I see often high DR websites with a very low TA, like 0.05, 0.1, etc… They don’t have such authority as you may think… It only does increase your expenses and reduce your ROI.

My personal recommendation is to focus on building backlinks on high TA websites for your money pages and take the lower TA websites for your supporting pages.

Using my guest posting service (you can create an account here), you can easily buy links and be assured to get what you are paying for…

My team handles all the hard work so you can focus on growing your portfolio without all the hassles that come with the backlinks creation processes (finding & filtering prospects, email outreach, content creation, etc..)


Traffic Authority is (I think!) the only viable metric at that time that can really help you to gauge the link juice of a specific domain… because it’s a metric based on real data. DR, DA, and all other metrics can be manipulated easily to be increased… TA cannot be manipulated, it’s why it’s the only metric I trust!

I hope you will enjoy this article, as you know, I’m trying to publish stuff on this blog which is not usual… There are plenty of blogs on the web that always share the same usual stuff. I didn’t create this blog to be one of those… 

Everything that I share here comes from my own ideas and I hope you appreciate it.