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Link Building Demonstration #1

Israel Gaudette
July 13, 2020

After the success of the article How to Build Links Like a Machine, I decided to write another article with a live demonstration about this technique to show you how effective it is.

So basically, what I did, I just took 2 money pages that the main keyword was ranking between #5 and #10 and created a list of the supporting pages that were pointing to those 2 money pages.

The Cost

The total cost of this link campaign has been 1600$.

  • 4 x TA100+ links (2 links per money page)
  • 8 TA25+ links (1 link per supporting page)

So since I had 2 money pages and a total of 8 supporting pages that were pointing to those 2 money pages, I decided to build 2x TA100+ links to each money page and 1x TA25+ link to all its supporting page, for a total of 12 guest post links. All dripped over the next 30 days.

Also to validate my theory, I didn’t add new content on this site or made any onsite change… I just built links!

Rankings Result

I decided to start this campaign 1 week after the May Core update. I had already made some analysis and all indicators were showing to me that links were the biggest impact on this core update so I decided to build a bunch of new links to one of my projects to validate my theory.

Looks like I was right.

Small traffic drop after May Core Update 2020

As expected.. the site reacted really well to all those new links and the traffic drop that happened by May Core update has rapidly recovered.

If we compare the traffic with what the site had just before the May Core update, we are close to a gain of 1K in organic traffic. Not bad right? 2K to 3K, it’s a growth of 50% in only 2 months.

The money pages result:

Money page #1

Money page #2

Earnings Result

Growing the traffic of a site is cool right… but it only matters when your earnings are growing too! So, the question is… The traffic growth by 50% but what happened with your earnings? Let me show you!

Site Earnings for May 2020

Site Earnings for May 2020 - $365.47

Site Earnings for June 2020

Site Earnings for June 2020 - $550.78

If you compare May with June, it’s a growth of 50.67%, almost the same growth as the traffic! Cool right?

Bottom Line

Now I know that many people will say… well, 1600$ it’s a ton of money to make just an extra $120/month.

Let me say you that if you think like that… You will never make money. It’s absolutely not a good way to think.

Firstly, an extra of 120$ now could be 500$ in a few months… the more links you build, the more your site grows in authority, and the more authority you have, the higher you will rank for your keywords.

Secondly, an extra 120$/month at current market value (30X earnings), it give an extra value of 3600$ to your site.

Are you good at math? You invest 1600$ to make 3600$… The ROI is huge… It’s a 120% profits.

Just take the actual number in theory;

You invest 1600$/month for 6 months, for a total cost of $9600.

Your investment gives you an extra of 120$/month in new earnings, so after 6 months, you should make an extra of $720/month.

Now let's summarize;

Investments: $9 600
Selling price: $21 600

Profits: $12 000

I don’t think I need to say more at that point.

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