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My name is Israel Gaudette. I am a full-time affiliate marketer (I rank sites, drive organic traffic with SEO and make money through affiliate marketing). I am also the Link Tracker Pro founder, an advanced rank tracker especially created for link builders & SEO agencies.

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I'm not a guru and will never be one. I created this site to share my knowledge with anyone that want to learn more about SEO and because I wanted a simple way to track all my case studies so I've thought that owning a blog would be the best solution for that.

Link Building

Link Detox - The Complete Guide

With the recent May Core 2020 update, having a healthy backlinks profile is more important than ever!

Do Scraper Sites Affect Your Ranking?

Do scraper sites affect your ranking? According to Google, they definitely not! (laughing hard 🤣).

What I've Learned After 1 Month Selling Guest Posts

1 month has passed today and thought to make a summary of my progress.

How to Gauge the Link Juice of Any Site?

We cannot determine exactly how much link juice a website have but with simple logistic, it’s possible to have a good idea of the power of a website. Let me explain.

Guest Posting Service - What You Need to Know?

I announced this week that I had launched my new guest posting service so I thought it would be a good idea to explain you what this service is about.

How to Build Links Like a Machine

Want to dominate your niche but don't know how many links to build... at which frequency you should build them or worst. Well, This guide is for you!

What is TA (Traffic Authority) Metric and Why I've Created It

It's a question that many people are asking me, so that's why I decided to create an article about it! So let me explain.

SEO Case Studies

Link Building Demonstration #1

After the success of the article How to Build Links Like a Machine, I decided to write another article with a live demonstration about this technique to show you how effective it is.

Does Tiering With Guest Post Links Work?

So much discussion around tiering... does it really work? Is it really worth it? It's the question that everyone is asking...

TVC May Core Update Recovery Case Study

If you want to know if the disavow tool can help you to recover from this major core update... Then you should follow the updates of this article!

BVC May Core Update Recovery Case Study

Here’s my first article in the case study series. To make it simple, this series of articles is like a journal for myself.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Website - Case Study (Site Code: BJ)

I've decided to share with you my adventure on a new Amazon affiliate website that I just purchased a few weeks ago.

Amazon Affiliate Sites: Why I Invest In Them?

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that recently, I started to invest massively in Amazon sites.

Find Niches Using Reverse Engineering

As an affiliate marketer, the biggest challenge is to find a niche that is not too much competitive and that can drive some interesting incomes.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you think that being an affiliate marketer is easy and that the only thing you need to do is to send traffic to your partners and wait for commissions incoming... then YOU ARE WRONG!


My Thoughts About The December 2020 Google Core Update and The Future of SEO

Here are my early thoughts about this December broad core update and what you need to do for recovering your sites of the 2020's broad core updates.

The Perfect Onpage SEO Template

What is the perfect Onpage SEO template for optimizing ranking and results? I decided to create a template with the best proven optimization methods.

My SEO Tools

Here are the Best tools to use for Keywords Research, Backlink analysis ang Rank Tracking.


Setupad Review: How I Boosted my Advertising Revenue by 95%

I discovered SetupAd and decided to give them a try... The increase in earnings shocked me! Read my SetupAd review before joining! Secrets revealed!