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Guest Posting Service - What You Need to Know?

Israel Gaudette
June 5, 2020

I announced this week that I had launched my new guest posting service so I thought it would be a good idea to explain you what this service is about exactly, why I’ve created it and what you should expect from this service!

Why I Started to Sell Guest Post Links?

Like you, I’ve bought links from sellers for a decade. However, I realized over the years that the quality of the links was not consistent… and it became a serious problem, especially since this year with Google becoming angry after the sites selling guest posts.

I’ve published a post on Facebook a few months back mentioning that guest post links were not as safe as peoples thought… and these guys at Authority Hacker laughed at my post, publishing a video laughed at me saying that I was wrong and that the guest post links were not at risk at all (Duh… I didn’t expect anything else from a guy that is selling a course… promoting guest post outreach).

Anyway, short story… After this event, I decided to develop my own software, build a team and create my own filtering process to guarantee my sites have only high-quality links.

After 8-10 weeks of development… the software was ready and was working much better than I had expected… I started to get a lot of great opportunities (much more than what I really needed) and it's why I’ve thought that I could start selling links to my Facebook friends.

You will notice that I don’t have any website or landing page promoting this service… and it won’t happen. I’m not looking to be the next big agency selling links… I consider my links one of the best in the industry (I’ll explain to you later why) so why I would benefit from every one of these opportunities? I’m good to limit this to my FB friends.

My Process

What diversifies me from the other sellers, it’s probably my strict filtering process, which I’ve developed combining all my knowledge as a link builder. Let me explain to you my filtering process:


My software is scanning the web automatically for opportunities and use a unique system, that I have developed myself.

Most of the sellers are using Pitchbox with their integrated crawler which simply uses google advanced queries like “intitle:tech inurl:/guest-post/” to find links opportunities, yes it works but it will give you only the websites that are already abused by the system because everyone is using this technique for prospecting.

My software work differently and it’s why my inventory is full of gem that you will probably never see from other link sellers.

My Filtering Process

Once my software has generated a list of prospects, it starts the strict filtering process that consists of:

  • Must have a minimum of 1K organic traffic in the US region (This eliminates a lot of link farms sites that the main traffic is from India, Pakistan, etc..)
  • Must have a minimum of TA10 (read here for the explanation on TA metric)
  • Must have a ratio of 0.9 of IPs vs RDs (Another step to eliminate the link farms sites. If a site has over 10 referral domains for 9 IPs, it's automatically rejected)
  • Must have a minimum of TF2 (I use Majestic to detect the “bulk” spam. I tried to increase the TF in my filtering process but too many sites were rejected even if they were good. Anyway, the spammy websites are mostly TF0-1 so it clean most of them.)
  • Must have a clean traffic history (This step is handled manually by my team using SEMrush, all sites are verified manually and all the sites that show a big drop of traffic in the past months or that show an unhealthy pattern are rejected.)
  • Must have 1yr old of healthy traffic history (This step is an important one because we figured over time that a lot of sites crash before the first year. Having a healthy pattern of traffic for the last year also guarantees link placement on stable websites, which reduces the risk of penalty. This also removes all the “site revive” cases, that is just there to sell guest posts and crash after a while.)

Why TA is so Helpful in My Filtering Process?

TA (Traffic Authority), is my own metric that gauges the real authority of a website based on its traffic. Most of the links farms are posting a lot of guest post articles every day, some of them are posting 30-40 articles daily.

The problem is that the domain itself doesn’t have enough link juice to handle all that content… so most of the articles will never rank well in the SERP, its why most of these sites rank for a lot of keywords… but their ratio keywords/traffic is really bad. Who wants to pay for a link that carries no link juice?

Using a minimum of TA10 in my filtering process guarantee to keep only the sites with a certain level of authority. Also, it helps to remove like 90% of the links farms not detected by my other filtering steps.

The Cost

Now, all this quality has a cost… The system itself has cost over 15K to develop and I pay around 5K/month in fees (server, software subscriptions, API credits, employees, etc..).

Like I’ve explained above, this system is overkill for myself alone, that’s why I decided to take a few clients, reduce my cost and of course, make some profits.

However, even if the system is super expensive to run, I decided to have competitive pricing, that’s why I have links available only at 100$. I know that a lot of you guys just started and don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on a simple link. So I’ve tried to make it affordable for everyone.


If you are looking for high-quality links that deliver results, this service is for you. I use the same links for my websites and I’m really freak about the quality of my backlinks so you can be assured you won’t receive any junk. Your success is mine, I don’t fear the competition and I’m happy to help you to rank your projects.

I also highly suggest you read my guide on link building, if you combine this strategy with my links, I guarantee you that you will see a big increase in your ranking.

PS: Don’t forget, you can use the coupon “FIRSTORDER” to save 10% on your first order.

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