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What I've Learned After 1 Month Selling Guest Posts

Israel Gaudette
June 24, 2020

One month ago, I started my guest posting service, and since, 1 month has passed today.

I’ve thought that would be interesting to make a summary of my progress.

What I Learned

First, finding high-quality sites is definitely not easy… And when I do mention high-quality sites:

I mean sites that will boost our ranking!

It’s easy to find websites accepting guest posts BUT how many will really transfer link juice and boost our ranking? That’s the real question!

Nobody wants to invest money in backlinks if they don’t bring any result!

After 1 month of running my software 24/7 and seeing my employees working 10h/day to manage that service, I realized that this is very challenging! Even if we use in-house software to automate almost everything, there still have a lot of tasks that cannot be automated, like the manual review of every site (which take around 10-15 minutes per site! Yes… We do a lot more stuff that I cannot disclose here sorry!)

Now, let's talk number a little in the past month:

  • 107 501 domains have been loaded in my software.
  • 35 837 domains only have been kept for the email outreach process. (The other 71 665 domains didn’t pass our filtering processes)
  • 21 316 emails have been successfully sent.
  • 4 118 webmasters have replied to our emails, 1728 confirmed accepting guest posts.
  • Out of 1728 guest post opportunities, we have kept only 427 sites.

Out of 1728 guest post opportunities, only 427 have been kept. Why? Because we review manually every site and keep only the sites that we believe, are healthy and have a high probability to boost positively the ranking of a site.

Honestly, I understand better now why most link sellers are using only Ahrefs Traffic & Domain Rating only to filter their opportunities because a real filtering process is really time-consuming and costly to run! The goal of a link seller is to have the biggest inventory possible… so he can increase his profit margin and make more money through his service.

From my point of view, having a lot of websites in my inventory that bring no value, is totally worthless.

Why Sell Links Then if it's Not Profitable?

The answer is simple… My situation is different! I didn’t set up a team, invested over 5 digits in custom software, and spending over 5K/month in API services for the only purpose to sell links… If that would be the case, then like others, I would focus on DR and Global Traffic only.

I did this for MYSELF, I have a complete portfolio of sites that need on average, a total of ~200 backlinks per month. At this level, it’s almost impossible to rely only on link sellers. The second reason is that I wanted to increase my ROI and be sure to spend my money on backlinks that will have a positive effect on my ranking.

Damn… How many guest post links I have bought in the past that did nothing except killing my page's ranking. Not every guest posts have equally quality… and believe me, getting links from sites with good traffic doesn’t mean you will have a positive return! That’s exactly why I have created the Traffic Authority metric and applied it to my main link-building strategy.

Now, having this infrastructure requires a lot of investments, time, and a big team… so because I have already invested in the system for myself, I thought that it would be a service that other people would love.

Now… Would it be profitable to have invested all that money only to open a guest posting service? Definitely no! But since I have to pay the cost anyway for my own sites… then yes, I can say it’s worth it!

Now What to Expect?

You can expect that I will continue the guest posting service and continue to grow it. Will I have any day a website to sell this service? Nope.

I have a few big clients that spend in the 5-10K/month in links and they need a lot of diversity and relevancy, currently, I have 427 sites in my inventory and growing at +100 sites weekly (approximately). I expect in 6-8 weeks to reach the 1K sites. The goal is to have over 2K HQ sites.

I don’t care to not beat the inventory of the other link sellers, it’s not my goal to become the biggest link seller of history… What I want is simply to have HQ sites that will deliver results for my sites and my clients! Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on backlinks that will do nothing to help them, or even worst… affect negatively their sites and reduce their earnings!

If you want to test the service and place an order, then you can register here. If you want to know more about the service, then read this!

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